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Top quality web content is key to attracting new customers, selling more products, and increasing profitability of any business. Web content tells users about the benefits of your products and services. There are many advantages to great content writing. It provides free web traffic through search engines, engages potential customers, and links other websites to you, which increases traffic and web ranking. Your website ranking directly correlates to your web content.

…. Most people use Google when they search for information, products or services online. At one time, Google was used for 80% of all Internet searches. If Google can’t find your business, then neither can potential customers. Quality web content, with exceptional SEO, will help everyone find you. The formula is simple. You create fresh new content for your blog or website, Google indexes it, and people searching for what you’ve got a directed straight to you. .


Content writing used to be an easy thing. You could write articles of about 300 to 500 words. Now, several SEO experts suggest content pages should be around 1000 words. The additional length of content pages gives more relevant text data for the search engine bots to feed on. Moreover, potential buyers like to read as much as possible about the products they buy. The more detailed product descriptions are, the more likely they’ll click “buy”. While this mostly holds true, we are living in a world where images and video content reign supreme. Most people don’t want to read long articles about the products they’re interested in. Shorter is usually better with content writing. The best method is to alternate between long and short articles. This will keep your content interesting.


Business owners used to believe quality content was for search engine bots only. They would litter their articles with SEO keywords making the content tacky and difficult to read. Your content should always be for your potential customers. Unique and compelling content will get people buying. The best place to post content is on your website or blog. You want to attract people straight to your online business platforms. When you regularly update your blog, it will have fresh, new content that people and search engines love. Your visitors can leave comments and feedback. This gives insight into what motivates people to buy your products or services. The best way to get free feedback is through a blogs and social media pages. People have the freedom to comment on and share your posts. Other places to post content are other people’s blogs, websites, and article directories. Publishing high quality content on someone else’s blog creates a back link to your website. This builds engagement between professionals in the same industry. You can also attract potential customers through websites that aren’t competing with you. If your website sells gardening tools you can get links from a website selling seeds and plants. This is mutually beneficial.


The web content has to go deeply into the minds of potential customers. To achieve this you have to dig deeper into your product’s benefits to discover underlying values.Here’s an example of content writing for a stain remover. Feature: Removes stain – BRAVO!Benefit: Keeps clothes fresh – ALL GOOD!Value: Protects environment because it contains no harmful chemicals – DOING YOUR PART! It may not be possible for a content writer to discover the values associated with a product. However, the product features are in plain view to see and it takes only a little bit of research to find the benefits. Make sure the content writing involves discussion of the benefits your product offers.


Make a big promise. Tell the readers a big idea or benefit they can get by using your product. Write content as an article. You can write several such articles, each explaining one big idea at a time. This is a good way of promoting your products to people who have different reasons for buying. Your product can’t be everything to everyone; however, it is something for every one of your customers. By splitting content writing into different ideas, you can reach out to everyone who is likely

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