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How to Strike Gold

Facebook Pay-per-Click Advertising is What You Need

Today, advertising on Facebook brings with it a plethora of opportunities. It’s essentially free marketing. Functioning as the biggest social media network, there is almost limitless potential to simultaneously build your company brand and increase sales. There are over 1.35 billion active users on the network. That’s 1.35 billion potential customers.

Making the most of your advertising

Making the most of advertising on this platform begins with a comprehensive Facebook Advertising Plan. It must be part of your overall SEO marketing strategy. An SEO consultant will keep your Facebook marketing plan, effective, consistent, and professional. They understand the intricacies of social media marketing, and can increase your conversions.

Free Advertising

Facebook allows you to advertise for free simply through creating a dialogue with your customers. Paid advertisements are another avenue available to your company, which can yield impressive results. Sometimes you have to spend a little to make a lot. With a business account correctly structured to appeal to the highest number of users, you can gain impressive results.

You can enjoy advanced targeting based on interests, marital status, location, gender, occupation, age, and more. You can retarget your existing ads toward those users who are most likely to convert to customers.

It’s all in the data

We provide precise measurements that include, Google Analytics in tandem with the Facebook reporting interface to verify frequency, website clicks, conversions, reach, and click-through-rate. This type of metric can help your company meet its goals.

Your SEO consultants help you determine which ad content is effective or ineffective by using these analytics. We are professional SEO marketing experts. We know which Facebook ad formats will yield the best results for your company. With the right text and images, you can illicit the desired action from your customers. Using mobile newsfeed advertisements help you reach tablet and smartphone users in a revolutionary way. And remember, online videos can generate “likes” and shares that get people buying what you’re offering.

Still not sure what we do? We get you noticed by your desired target market. We know how to use SEO and social media marketing to get results. This is factored into SEO packages that are tailored to your company goals.

Facebook Pay-per-Click Advertising is What You Need

Small Biz Management Fee

  • Starting from
  • $400
  • per month, INCL GST
  • How much they want to spend on   google for paid ads (per month)
  • $0 – $1,000
  • Order Now

Med Biz Management Fee

  • Starting from
  • $450per month,
  • INCL GSTHow much they want to spend on Facebook for paid ads (per month)
  • $1,000 – $5,000
  • Order Now

Corporate Management Fee

  • Starting from

  • $550per month,

  • INCL GSTHow much they want to spend on Google for paid ads (per month)

  • $5,000 – $10,000

  • Order Now

A Few Key Points

  • The client must set up their credit card on the Facebook account before work can begin. They will pay Facebook directly. SEO-consulting.com.au will do the account management. They can set up the credit card through their personal Facebook and give access to us.
  • SEO-consulting.com.au will write copy for the ads but is open to suggestions from our client. It is important for us to get the key information from clients.
  • SEO-consulting.com will organize the Facebook targeting campaign; however, is open to suggestions from our client.

When you hire our Facebook marketing services, we will help you to improve your existing page or build a new one. We utilise promotional tactics and multiple advertisement formats to generate a better return on your investment. Analysing metrics helps us design campaigns that will improve your company performance.

SEO and Your Marketing

This type of content marketing is part of SEO or search engine optimisation but isn’t SEO. SEO is about building a strong base for your website through generating keywords that get noticed. There are a host of SEO strategies and professional SEO services available. What we’re talking about here is building a strong audience of followers and maintaining their support.We can help you pick a unique selling point. Unique content is important, as we all know, but you need to focus on how your brand is positioned within the marketplace. Your content is a means to that particular end. Find the top online content brands within your market and ask yourself how your company is different, and what you can do to remain different.

What separates your company from your competition?

How can you convert that into your content?

This is your unique selling point.

With Facebook marketing, you want to build an audience who stays. You need to create demand for your products or services. You want to build up trust with the audience you have, and make them your loyal fans. Constantly publishing new content isn’t always necessary. Sometimes a simple, weekly email to keep your customers informed is all you need. The only catch is the frequency of emails sent is directly proportional to the quality of what your customers receive. The longer you go in between emails, the higher the quality must be.

And this content needs to be actionable. It needs to make a difference in your customers’ lives and should also be something worth sharing. Make it entertaining, surprising, or relatable. Settling for blog posts alone won’t get you very far. Instead, include videos, images, infographics, podcasts, eBooks, or anything else that can be shared.

Using Facebook to advertise your company can be positive or negative. If it’s not done correctly, your ad campaign can burn out like a dying star. You need to hire professionals who know when it’s necessary to update and create content; who know how important certain elements in an ad campaign are. You will be paying your hard-earned money to advertise on Facebook and other social media platforms. Use professionals who know what they are doing! Hiring them is a lot cheaper than you think!

To get the best out of your Facebook marketing campaign, contact us today to find out which service is best suited to your business needs! We can tailor make a campaign to fit your company and your budget!





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