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Logo design is a major part of ,graphic design and one of the most challenging fields to….

. perfect. Logos or ideograms are images that personify an organisation. Logos represent the brand of a company or corporation and increase client recognition. Logos are not redesigned, unless it is necessary. The main purpose of logos is to create instant recognition of a brand or company among the public.


Designing a unique logo is a challenging task and requires dedication from the entire marketing team of the company. Some companies choose to seek the help of professional logo design agencies. Regardless of who oversees the logo designing, it demands a very clear conception about the values of the company. The big step is the initial sketching, formulating, and finalising of the concept. This involves choosing core colours, format, etc. Normally, a logo design is framed after an in-depth understanding of the nature of business, customers, and competitors.


The core of a corporate identity starts with a unique logo design. Colour plays an important role in brand identity, but it is normally not an innate part of the logo design. Colour can add power to the logo when applied intelligently. This is because the psychology of a man is to respond to colours as it reaches beyond our intellectual self. Whether it’s internal or cultural, people identify and respond to colours, lines, shapes, fonts, and prominent symbols.Colours also have a wide range of significance attached to various cultures and nations and understanding the essential reactions to colour has a huge advantage in areas such as site architecture, advertising, graphic design, and product design. Let us look at what colours can represent.Red denotes passion and spirit along with strong emotions like aggression, danger, and love. It also stimulates the breathing and heart rate. Red is common in the flags of several nations.Orange is normally associated with seasons. Pale shades of orange denote pleasing, soft sophistication.Pink represents health, femininity, and sweet qualities. It is a romantic colour. Sports teams paint the room of their opponents in bright pink to reduce their vigour.Yellow is for a warm, sunny, cheerful, bright feeling. Shades of yellow also indicate caution, inspiration, dreams, and ideas.Black represents classiness, elegance, and strong feelings.The other usual logo colours include blue, green, purple, and white with various shades relating to aspects of human psychology.


Logos have different shapes, sizes, and colours with endless possibilities. The designers make use of various techniques, art philosophies, and styles to get the desired results for developing a unique logo for the company. To achieve the best logo design, it is essential to learn about the different types.There are three basic types; Typographic, symbolic, and combination marks.


Typographic logos are also termed as word marks. They are logos that are made of text only and feature a unique typographical process that is used to convey the message or the position of the company and brand. These type fonts are offered in hundreds of sizes, shapes, and styles. Each conveys a different opinion or message to the target market.Thick fonts represent power and strength, while italic fonts convey a sense of movement or flow. The treatment of various fonts comprises of; hand-written fonts, symbols, and characters presented to capture the attention of the viewer. Images are merged into some logo designs to bring an increased visual effect. The basic goal of a typographic logo is to create an impact even when it is printed on a business card.


As the name indicates, symbolic logos have simple symbols and icons in the logos. These symbols are normally an emblematic representation of the product or company. This type of logo design uses images that represent the organisation. Symbols are not as direct as text, as one must interpret the symbol appropriately. To make the symbols and icons more effective, the logos should have mottos.


As the…

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