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Mobile Numbers - The New Ways for Smart Marketing

Mobile numbers are the new marketing tools. It was believed that email marketing is the best way to reach your current and future clients. Millions are connected to the Internet and reaching them through email marketing messages was the best way to get their attention or convince them to buy your products and services.

Online marketers would design email ads and product promos that could be sent to prospective customers via email. However, experts now believe that mobile marketing is the future of online marketing. There are obvious reasons why mobile phones are replacing the traditional email marketing strategy.

People use their mobile phones every day and more importantly, they use them for everything. Not everyone has access to a computer, and some don’t even have email accounts, but almost everyone has a mobile number these days. This is because mobiles can be exceptionally cheap to purchase.

Online marketers should feel encouraged by this fact. You can now reach a wider range of people. Even if they don’t have an email account, you can send an SMS to their phone. These promotional messages can encourage them to take action or just inform them of brand news.

Thanks to the advent of smartphone usage in countries like Europe and America, the marketers are going to find it even easier to send their ads to customers. This is because smartphones have the unique advantage of giving immediate access to webpages and domains. You can send links through mobile marketing, which potential customers can access straight from their phones.

So, one way to get a stock of mobile numbers would be to collect them via surveys. When members sign up to your domain, they could be requested to submit their numbers.

In the membership surveys and signup forms, you can think of including an option regarding alerts for offers and deals. For instance, you can ask your new members “Do you want to receive your alerts via SMS or via email?” You can ask them if they wish to be alerted about latest deals and offers via SMS. If they choose the SMS option, they would fill in their mobile numbers. Once you get these numbers, you can choose to send them regular alerts informing them of your latest deals and offerings. You can then reach them through their mobile numbers more effectively than email.

Be smart and get the edge

If you are finding it difficult to convince the visitors to part with their mobile numbers, you can buy batches of numbers. It may happen that other promoters and marketers have several contact details with them. They use these batches to send advertising messages to people randomly. You can talk with them about buying some of the numbers for your product promotions. It’s important to remember that this method can put potential customers off because they will wonder where you got their number from. They may feel violated and block your messages, or even report you. Remember to build a reputable website that will make people excited to receive messages from you even if they didn’t sign up personally.

It is obvious that people are using smartphones and you can send them proper ad messages to them. It should be remembered that sophisticated or high-end ads and promotional messages won’t be successful. Some phones and gadgets may not be able to optimise the web pages or links that you would have filled in.

Therefore, a simple and effective method would be to simply include the link of your website with a simple SMS message. If the phones are capable enough, the users can get a good glimpse of your products and services in the website.

The messages can be easily delivered to them with a single click of the mouse. On the other hand, if your ad is successful, some of the customers will forward it themselves. This is how mobile numbers could work for you to take your business to a new level.