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Andrew Kelly

online logo design for the creative individual

Open Your Mind and Let it soar!As time has moved on, we are more and more

dependent on using the internet for research, purchasing goods and services, communication and entertainment. The convenience of being able to access facilities online has made it possible to deal with many companies anywhere in the world. This has benefited us all in the access that we now have to source reliable providers of quality work such as online logo design.We specialize in assisting people in our full range of design

work that encompasses 3D visualization, graphic design, building design and logo design. We have a great wealth of experience and have produced award winning logos for many satisfied clients. Whether you have an existing business or are starting afresh, a great logo is an excellent marketing tool. To make it easy for you, we offer an online logo design service. This makes it extremely convenient for you as we can submit digital artwork for your approval before anything is even printed.You may be wondering where on earth to start! Well, our aim is to take the guesswork out of it for you. To provide online logo design, we are interested in any ideas that you may have or are attempting to produce. The first step that we encourage is to look around. See what other companies have done- study what you like and don’t like. Have a look at what logos have become “iconic” such as Nike, Apple, Google, Norton, Picasa, Microsoft and so on. These have all become renowned all over the world. While many of these are directly related to computers and the internet, there is still a lot of clever thought that goes into the production of the logo. Market penetration of these enormous companies is also strategically carried out.Well, of course these companies have billions in turnover and also in advertising budgets. Have a look at how quickly they became a worldwide phenomenon. It really hasn’t been that long when you study it. While we’re not claiming we can provide you an online logo design that will gain you worldwide status, we can assure you that we have carefully studied what these companies have done and why it has worked. Color combinations that are easy on the eye; colors that create memories of enjoyable times; colors that are unique in their shading and blending. It is a psychological fact that our minds subconsciously respond better to some images than others.What we are able to provide you is a complete “library” of logos on our website that we have created for other companies. These are copyrighted and we have permission to use them in our advertising to allow you and all of our customers an insight into just what we can do. Online logo design has never been easier!Any questions yet?Another suggestion that we make to our clients is to look up “award winning logos” from all over the world. Some of these creations are absolutely breathtaking. While we cannot copy these, we are able to look at what makes them so good. Whether it’s the image created in the mind, the presentation of stylish lettering or just something that you love- it’s all a great place to start.While we suggest the above to assist you, you don’t want to be procrastinating for months on end. It is best to make a start and then down the track, you can refine your online logo design with a “freshen up.” Many large companies carry this out successfully- so it can work for you, too!The way we work with online logo design is to gather your ideas and then start putting them into shape. We can get you to select a shape/ idea online; give us your comments as to color choices and then we can begin work to create your dream. Programs these days allow us to experiment with different color schemes.All this is a very minimal cost compared to the days where artists had to create logos by hand! Once you have settled on a logo that you are satisfied with, we then need to address the artwork where you are going to use the logo. This is obviously on business cards, letter heads, website pages, remittance advices, catalogues, flyers, envelopes and brochures.We will help you save money and create a fabulous online logo! Win-Win!Layouts for effective letterheads, business cards, envelopes and web pages that incorporate your online logo design can be created to your requirements. We can submit several options for your consideration and selection. We will look, listen, talk and create your unique imag

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