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PPC Or Pay-Per_Cick is Golden

Any online business needs an ongoing always expanding small business social media marketing campaign to compete. It’s not a choice if you are serious about building your business and making money. The issues arise in the depth and complexities of these social marketing, Facebook marketing, social media marketing campaigns. Many businesses get caught not doing their homework and assuming all social media marketing experts are exactly that.

They will gladly yank your chain for a few bucks and onto the next. Your best defines is to educate yourself on some of the aspects of successful social media marketing plans do you at least understand the basics before signing off on a few thousand a month to build your online reputation and rank.

Visibility is everything

And a great media marketing proposal with a versatile social media marketing strategy WILL make you successful in time. Just keep an open mind and understand your social marketing campaign will always need tweaking. You will have to work with whichever social media marketing compant you’ve chosen to test strategies and figure out which work. They aren’t all going to click with your vision.

The price of your social marketing agency is also vital. Don’t spend outside of your budget but understand the more you put into a quality, long-term social media marketing service the better for your business. Think of it like you might your retirement savings. The more you can stash away the earlier the better.

Rough SEO Price Packages List for – 2015

Standard Industries (per month)
* 5-10 Keywords, 1-5 Articles - $300
* 20-30 Keywords, 5-10 Articles - $800
* 40-50 Keywords, 5-10 Articles - $1,400

Hard Industries (per month) – Loans, Web Design, Debt, Credit Cards, Tax, Lawyer, Finance, Surgery, Superannuation

* 5-10 Keywords, 1-5 Articles - $800
* 20-30 Keywords, 5-10 Articles - $1,300
* 40-50 Keywords, 5-10 Articles - $1,900

Here are a few key notes from SolutionADesign

Often, it’s the keywords that determine the price not the niche. Just make sure you run it past this social media marketing firm before making any decisions.

Your website contacts and details will be required before pricing is finalised. So, make sure you have this information to send through to get accurate pricing off the hop. This social media marketing company also takes care of directing the rest of your marketing team.

That just gives you a pretty good idea of the monthly cost to start. Larger successful businesses spend up to $10,000 a month on these niche specific social marketing campaigns, but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

AdWords Marketing – Pay-per-click

Money Paid to Google for paid ads/month Monthly Mg Fee
0 - $1,000 ----- $300
$1,000 - $5,000 ----- $350
$5,000 - $10,000 ----- $500

Key Pointers…

Clients credit card setup on account before work starts to pay Google directly for ads. SolutionADesign will take care of the management of account.

Copy for ads comes from SolutionADesign. Always open to suggestions.

SolutionADesign will organize keyword research but always open to suggestions.


You need the social network marketing firm you choose to offer a variety of services. This means you’ve got to do your homework and know what you want and what you can afford. Start small and trust your social media marketing agency in their expertise.


Figure out home much money you’re going to put each month toward your social media marketer talents. It can be a little scary at first but understand the “right” campaign will make it well worth your money. A good social media marketing company will have your custom plan paying off in 3-6 months, depending on how aggressive you can afford.

Track Record

If you are going to find a fabulous social media and marketing firm you need to verify their credentials. Testimonials are great for this and sometimes you get lucky and can find success write-ups about them online. Just make sure you are good with qualifying your choice before exchanging money for services rendered.

Big Picture Vision

You need to ensure the social media marketing service you pick has eyes for “the big picture.” Greek braggers say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you’re marketing plan won’t be either.

Patience is a virtue

Good things come to those who wait and if you can give your social marketing team 6 months to show you results, then you’re on track for bigger and better. It’s tough to have to spend money and not get the goods ASAP.

Bottom line is you need an effective social media marketing campaign to pave the way to your business success. If you don’t make the move to get noticed and get your product/service in from of your qualified niche specific audience, you won’t have the techno power to compete.