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Andrew Kelly


Online advertising has captured the vision of experts who used to design advertising campaigns for large business houses to promote their products and services. Globally, with the increased number of internet users, it has become an inevitable part for any business organisation to have a presence over the World Wide Web. Does it mean that having a website for your company would reap you good amount of profits? Just having a website doesn’t help in increasing sales. The website needs to be promoted in such a way that more and more traffic gets diverted to your website.


PPC stands for pay-per-click and it is the most popular among all internet marketing tools. It is a great tool introduced by popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. Today, people are extensively dependent on search engines for getting any kind of information. When a certain keyword or phrase is typed in search panel, it displays top search results on that subject. Along with top search results are displayed advertisements in text format. These advertisements are the result of PPC advertising campaign undertaken by a company. Pay-per-click can also display text advertisement on blogs and websites that are related to the advertiser’s keyword, product, or business.


PPC was first introduced by Google in the name of Google AdWords. Today several other search engines like Yahoo and MSN have come up with Yahoo search marketing and MSN adCenter respectively that offers same kind of PPC networks. Pay-per-click service works on bidding. An online bidding for keywords is undertaken by the PPC network provider. Advertisers are asked to bid for keywords of their choice. The higher the bid amount, the higher will that advertisement get displayed on search results page. It is a dynamic market where an advertiser can have complete control over budget while still maximizing the profits.


As said earlier PPC have now become the most popular among all the marketing tools available to promote your business over the virtual network. With the growing popularity of PPC, newer things are introduced to maximize the benefits. Some of the main benefits of PPC advertising campaign include: Better visibility: One of the profound benefits of PPC is that it is better reachable to large number of internet users spread over the world i.e. in any country and in any part of the world. Popular pay-per-click networks like yahoo and Google can reach around 80% of internet fraternity that is making search through these search engines. At times, businesses with local presence refrain from going in for PPC marketing because they want their business to get marketed locally. For such business setup an in-depth PPC marketing strategy can be designed to target audiences in a specific geographical location and even of specific age group. Instant execution: With pay-per-click marketing strategy there is no need to wait for long procedures to be undertaken to reach potential buyers. PPC is the fastest among all marketing tools, yes, even faster than organic SEO methods in generating traffic to your website and it will start displaying your website on search engines the point your campaign goes live. Controlled budget: Every marketing campaign involves expenditure and to gain better profits, it is important that budget is well planned, and costs are controlled. PPC is a great tool to control cost. With pay-per-click marketing service, advertiser pays for number of clicks. No other expenditure is incurred for such advertising campaigns. Only an initial fee to set up a PPC account must be incurred by the advertiser. Site statistics: The PPC program provides better website statistics that makes it easy on the part of the website owner to track as to which keyword brings more traffic and conversion. These features can help advertiser to make changes in existing campaign so to increase sales by designing a better plan of action. This will all improve the productivity of the website thereby improving returns on investment. We have come long way talking about PPC, its working and its benefits, but have we thought about its effective execution? Yes, the execution part is very important from the view point of having better conversions. To reap most out of the PPC benefits, it is important to strategically frame ….

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