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Make Money by Drop Shipping

Many people wonder if drop shipping is a profitable way to do business online. Some have failed. There is a specific road to success for this type of online business. Although there are no guarantees, this article will outline the steps taken by many successful dropshippers.

The first step to success is selecting the right product. If a product is too general, you will have too much competition. You want to minimise your competition while having a product in high demand.

Once you have found this product, you will then to search for suppliers. There may be few suppliers for the item. The next step is to contact the suppliers you found by phone. Many people make the mistake of using email, but you will have greater success calling them. You can effectively explain how you are going to sell their product. They may already have a drop shipping program in place, and if not, they may be willing to agree to one.

Once you have a drop shipping agreement with a company, the next step is to build a website. An eCommerce website can be created in several ways; you can do it yourself, have someone design it for you, or use the services of a web hosting company. Many web hosting companies offer free website creation software for their customers. Whatever you decide, make sure your site is not slow and has secure payment capabilities.

Next, research relevant keywords. There are several software programs to help you with this stage of affiliate marketing. You will need to know all the top ranked words and phrases related to your product. Use them on a blog. Naturally, this blog will be sending readers directly to your eCommerce site. Along with a blog, the most important use of these words will be with AdWords advertising.

There is no substitute for Google AdWords. Once you have an account, you will need to spend time learning how to get the most out of AdWords advertising. You will need to learn how to optimise your advertising dollar. This is done by getting a high click through rate and converting these clicks into sales. You will have to experiment with the wording of your ads to find what works best. Keep in mind that there are other paid advertising methods that also work, but it begins with using AdWords.

At this point you should be starting to get sales and will want to optimise your website for search engine traffic. Although secondary to AdWords, once your site is optimised, people will more readily find your website from direct searches.

The last step is to maintain and increase your customer base. The goal being repeat business. Although often overlooked by beginner online retailers, repeat customers are the life blood of a business. Once you have made a sale, it is important to get your customers to buy again. There are various methods that can be used to accomplish this. Once you start getting repeat business, you are on your way to success.

This path to success with drop shipping has worked for many people, but there are negative aspects to doing business as a dropshipper. The biggest drawback is you have no control over the inventory. You can have late shipments sent to customers because the item was temporarily out-of-stock. You can also have problems with the packaging or address labelling being incorrect.

Even with these problems, the positives outweigh the negatives. A person can get into this business with low start-up costs. If you already have a good computer with a fast Internet connection, then all you need is an eCommerce website, web hosting, and some advertising dollars. No worries about storing inventory. You can spend most of your working day selling.