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Buyer Intent Keywords

There are many things that you need to do to make affiliate sales, but the main problem that others have trouble with is choosing keywords that get people buying. Choosing “buyers intent keywords” is a vital aspect to getting readers who are ready to by. There are times when people will target keywords for their websites that don’t make people act. If somebody wanted to buy a brand new tv, there is a chance they would type in “best TVs” or “Sony TVs”. However, they are still in browser mode because those are still not “buyer’s intent keywords”.

What keywords will make them buy?

Using the TV example, the best target keywords are “Buy LCD Sony”. If they type in the product name and the brand, then they are ready to buy that item. They may also replace the word “buy” with “review”, so you may want to try targeting keywords like “Sony TV review”. If somebody types this into Google, it is a great buyer keyword.

There are many buyer keywords that are great to target. Some are not as powerful as others, but they still work. Here’s a short list of what you can use:

  • Reviews
  • Review
  • Buy
  • Cheap
  • Affordable
  • New
  • Purchase
  • Bargain

If you input any of the above keywords with the product you are selling, you could get many people to search those keywords and make them want to buy. “What are TVs?” are not buyer keywords. They are basically search terms to gain more knowledge and information.

An SEO expert knows how to use these keywords to get people buying your products and services. They know how to get it right. Buyer keywords are what potential buyers will type into Google. Once you learn how to target those buyer keywords, you are going to see increased profits. Imagining you are the customer is the best way to learn which keywords are best. This simple technique is what all top marketers do. There are many people who fail at increasing their sales because they chose the wrong keywords.

What most online internet marketers like to do is target the traditional “buyer intent keywords”. For example, “How to sing high notes better” are great keywords for the singing niche. The main problem is these keywords can be oversaturated. Therefore, you should learn to target untapped niches. It’s all about finding what’s profitable in a niche.

If you would like to increase your sales, ensure your keywords are targeting real buyers and not information seekers.

There are so many people who have achieved success with the keywords outlined above. Try them out right now to see if they work. It’s all about experimentation. After using them throughout your upcoming campaigns, you will find your conversions shoot up.