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. You can penny-pinch all you want but if you don’t have a QUALIFED and EXPERIENCED Search Engine Optimization and Keyword Writing Team on board YOU WILL FAIL!STICK THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT!I know this because it’s my business to know! I am an expert in helping Online Web Businesses succeed and if you’re not here for that then get lost and quit wasting your time!Think of me as the ONLINE DOCTOR. But I’m not going to suck your wallet dry in order for your business to get successful. I will work with you to figure out what makes sense for you and your business and WE will implement! Understanding each other’s expectations and making certain success is the only option.


Creating a strong web presence requires one to have a well designed CUSTOM DESIGN website that is optimized for search engines. Having a beautiful, user friendly and a professional looking website will serve no purpose if your website is not optimized for search engines.Search engine optimization ensures that your website ranks favorably in all major search engines and as a result you will receive targeted traffic coming your way. Selecting the right SEO Company can be a difficult task if not overwhelming, as there are many search engine optimization companies or firms out there.Acquiring the services of a good SEO Company or firm requires that you analyze several top SEO companies then narrow you list till you find the best possible SEO service. Before choosing an SEO company one should first do a background check to determine whether the company is reputable and has the necessary experience needed for the job at hand.CHECK US OUT AND YOU’LL BE HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!If you are looking for an SEO company to contract or hire, here are several pointers to look out for. Get recommendations Personal Experience Counts! Save Time – Use What Works!One of the easiest ways of acquiring the services of a reputable SEO company is through recommendations. You should ask your friends, business partners, colleagues, or top marketing professionals to provide recommendations. If you can’t find anyone with sufficient knowledge to ask, then you can look for recommendation in top SEO forums or blogs.Or you can just ask us – WE WILL HELP YOU! Search the companies name on GoogleChances are you will be able to find all information you need about the company just by searching online. There are a lot company reviews on the web that can give you vital information about a given company.


Stay away from companies that employ high pressure sales tactics Don’t Let Companies Rape You Into Committing!Stay away from SEO companies that employ high pressure selling. Some of the high pressure tactics to watch out include; sending unsolicited emails or high pressure selling tactics like “grab this offer now and save.”RUN FROM THIS FAST AND FAR!Ask for portfolio or sites they have optimized Ask and You Shall Receive!Ask for client portfolio or references. A reputable SEO company will be able to provide you with links to all their past clients or simply satisfied customers. A reputable firm will showcase their portfolio on their website for easy dissemination of crucial information. Provided your budget allows it choose an SEO company with lots of good ratings or reviews.


Check their website Buy With Your Eyes! If Looks Could KillA reputable SEO company will have a highly optimized website as testimony of their expertise. Do not hire the services of an SEO company with low search engine rankings as this is a direct indication of their expertise or competence.If a company website is not optimized to at least page rank 3 or 4, avoid the service. You should also ask the company to provide the keywords they rank for. If an SEO firm does not appear top or higher in search result for the keywords of their choice then stay away from them; as they are not professional but are rather inexperienced amateurs.


Ask for an SEO strategy or plan Plan it and Succeed No Plan of Action – No Money!A professional SEO company should be able to analyze your website and provide a clear road map that outlines how they are going to optimize your website to push up rankings. If a company cannot explain in clearer terms how they are going to optimize your websit… Less…

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