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Online Videos Keep Getting Bigger

Online videos have exponentially increased in popularity and show no signs of slowing down. YouTube is the third most popular website on the Internet. Videos have become a marketing essential because it is one of the most effective online communication tools available.

What is it about video that is so appealing?

It’s no secret we love seeing things with our own eyes and enjoy being entertained. Web video production does it all. Expert SEO consultants understand the benefits of excellent video production. The “sharing” and “liking” features of social media coupled with an online video will help your products and services reach a wider market, increasing sales and loyal customers. YouTube’s keyword tool ensures you can reach a wider audience. Online videos are accessible, easy for customers to digest, and entertaining.

Web video production should be a crucial part of your social media and online marketing strategy. Multi-media is the future, so it’s only logical to include it in your SEO marketing strategy.

The Many Faces of Online Videos

Online video production is so wonderful because of the many different forms it can take.

Live Action Video

Most online videos are live action. Everything from hilarious cat videos to teens jumping off the roof. If it’s got something that is real and alive in it, it’s a live action video.

Live action web video production is easy to do with the right people. SEO consultants can help you create videos that will go viral. This can only happen with proper planning and execution. Humour often gets the best results in video production. We all love to laugh. If you can get your audience laughing, it’s highly likely you will get them “sharing: and “liking”, too.


Animations are split into two categories: 2D and 3D animation.

What’s the difference? 2D is flat, think classic cartoons like the Warner Bro’s cartoons, while 3D is three dimensional. 2D animations aren’t life-like but can be just as effective. 3D animation tends to be realistic; think Final Fantasy. It has become one of the most popular forms of animation because it can be used with live action footage.

If you want an online video that is cheap yet effective, then 2D animation is best. It can look slick when done right and is inexpensive. In fact, 2D infographics are so popular they are regularly included in TED Talk presentations. Often a small part of the static image is animated turning a mundane graphic into an engaging image. It transforms any presentation or marketing strategy without anyone losing a leg to pay for it.

Is animation really for my business?

You may be selling a service but using animation can grow your business exponentially. People love watching videos, especially if they are short and funny. You can use this to your advantage. If your company has a mascot, you can use that as the main character in your videos. Hiring video production experts is crucial in a world where visual stimulation is king.

Will it be part of my marketing strategy?

At, we not only offer SEO marketing services, we also have a web video production unit capable of creating expert videos for your business. We are an all-in-one service provider and take pride in helping you improve your bottom line through effective video production and SEO marketing.

It’s all about making sure your message gets out there clearly and precisely. We help you do that with our proven SEO marketing strategies and our specialised SEO copywriting. Plus, we have a whole host of other services on offer.

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