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The online marketing sphere is highly competitive. Everyone is trying to get on top. No matter how small the advantage,

. you should employ every technique that can help you boost your search engine ranking and generate quality buying traffic. Valuable keywords can give you that edge.Having an SEO copywriting expert on your team is essential to success. They can create engaging content, but also create domain names that contain your optimal keywords. Securing a domain name can be costly and many webmasters are divided on the value of these names. They question the cost involved and whether a domain name is an asset or liability. Let’s look at some of the arguments.


Do search engines give less weight to domains that include hyphens? For example, with the same on- and off-site SEO, will “” perform better than “”?This is an easy question to answer. Hyphenated domains often perform very well, and they don’t seem to suffer an SEO disadvantage. Whether they perform better is unclear, but there also isn’t a big enough difference to claim they perform worse.The real question is that of perception. An unhyphenated domain looks like an authority site to most web users. Most people seem to associate hyphens with poor quality. Furthermore, hyphenated domain names may lose out on direct traffic owing to users forgetting to include the hyphen while typing the URL.


There have been endless debates as to whether the .com top level domain is the only one worth pursuing, or if .net, .biz, .org, and others offer greater SEO benefit. There is no clear answer to this. Many tests have been conducted with varying results.If the domain you want is available with the .com TLD, use it. Whether or not it offers any sort of SEO advantage, a .com domain is still seen as more professional and trustworthy.


Finally, we come to the issue of brands. Many marketers like to snap up exact match domain names for the products they promote. A professionally built site with a branded URL looks trustworthy, and that could increase sales. On the other hand, while search engines and web users love branded domain, the businesses that own those brands certainly don’t. Brand owners take copyright breach seriously, and it’s not uncommon for businesses to sue webmasters who step over the line.When a company sues you for such a breach, there’s little chance of winning, and at the very least you’ll be forced to take your site offline.Let us get you the best domain name without any of the hassle. We’ll get your name on top.

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